Dante's Plate Armor of Uriel

Made of Mithril Infused with Uriel


Infernal Plate Armor of Uriel

The Armor is made initially of Mithril. The Pieces of plate are held together using Mithril/Shard alloy chain links. The main plate pieces are infused with the shard in intricate designs with fasteners and additional reinforcements all made from the shard. The armor has a tinge of blue from the mithril base. The suit is finished with a white Cloak.


After having seen the death of an angel. Dante found a shard of the remains of the great being. From traveling to the mines of the Dwarves, Dante was finally able to learn how to smith the metal into armor. Having not enough metal to form a full suit of plate armor, Dante chose to create the base from Mithril. He interlaced the Mithril Plate Armor with the Shard of Uriel.

so far, all that is known about the shard is dr 1/Adamantine

Dante's Plate Armor of Uriel

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