When Battle commences, the game moves from the overland map to the Battle Map. Both armies are placed on map, and any circumstance bonuses are added to the units at the GM’s discretion.

All units have 5 Stats.

Speed : Detemines how many squares a unit may move in one round
Range : Determines the Range at which a unit may attack from
Attack: Is rolled against an opposing units defense. If it exceeds or equals the opponents
defense, a wound is dealt.
Defense: Is the number an attacker must equal or exceed in order to wound.
Wounds: The number of wounds a unit can take before being routed.


All actions in a turn of mass combat are assumed to be happening simultaneously. A unit always gets a chance to perform all of its actions, even if it is determined that it will be destroyed, before it’s actions have been taken.

Melee Units

-May attack armies in only the 3 squares to its front. May attack heroes not connected to a larger unit in any surrounding square

-If there is an enemy unit directly to its front, it must use its attack on that unit. Heroes do not threaten in this way.

-When arranged in ranks, infantry can automatically fill a void in a line directly in front of them

Range Units

-Must have an open square in front in order to fire. Or must be on high ground. Can attack enemy point blank however.

-Attack must aim forward by at least one square from direction they are facing

-Cannot fire through obstacles (trees, boulders ect.


-Diagonal movement counts every other square as 2, starting with the first diagonal move as 2. Same rule for determining range

-Movement priority is assigned by which unit would occupy part of the square first. (See Frank for explanation)

-When two units with identical speeds attempt to enter the same square in the same turn, the two become entangled. Neither is capable of retreating from the conflict, or is able to move at all.


+2 attack for each side an enemy is flanked on
+2 Defense when standing on high ground
+1 Range for Archers and Mages when standing on high ground


Player Characters, Cohorts and animal companions are considered Hero Units in battle. They have a number of special abilities.

-Marshal Heroes must strike the enemy unit 5 times successfully in a battle turn (2 regular turns in normal pathfinder rules) in order to cause a wound.

-Magical attacks from heroes must deal damage to 44 five foot squares in order to inflict a wound on the enemy.

A Hero may attach themselves to a larger unit. This prevents them from taking direct damage from enemy armies unless they choose to. Animal Companions may not connect themselves in this way, unless they are acting as another hero’s mount.

-A hero unit that is attached to a larger unit may prevent a wound to its unit by taking it on to itself. Animal companions may not take wounds for a larger unit in this way.

-A wound inflicted on a hero unit deals 10D6 damage.


King Maker: Stormvale Atraiyu