Overland Map

All Maneuvering happens on the Overland Map. It is the same Map of the Stolen Lands that is located on the Maps page.

Before battle can be engaged, two armies must occupy the same HEX on the overland map. This can be easier said than done, as the exact location of an enemy army is not automatically known. An assortment of advantages and disadvantages can be awarded to the players based on how the two armies meet. Example: Being unaware of the enemy army’s location at the time they move into your army’s HEX gives the NPC army a surprise round. It also doesn’t allow you to set formations in advance of battle.

Armies consist of four unique components.

Main Army
The Main army represents the bulk of your forces. It can move at a speed of 1 HEX per day. The instant it encounters an NPC Main army, battle commences.

Scouts are a swift unit that can move independent of the main army each turn. They may explore two hexes each day, starting from the Main Army’s position. If scouts are destroyed by the enemy’s Skirmishers or Main army, they cannot be used for the remainder of the week.

Skirmishers are troops who lack the speed and subtlety of Scouts, but can engage in some combat. Skirmishers may explore 1 hex each day, starting form the main armies position. If Skirmishers are destroyed by the enemy’s Main Army, they cannot be used for the remainder of the week.

Supply Lines
An army’s Supply Lines must always be within 1 Hex of the Main Army. If the Supply Lines are destroyed by the enemy’s Skirmishers or Main army, then the player’s army cannot receive any BP from the nation’s treasury for the remainder of the week.


Whenever two components of enemy armies occupy the same hex, an encounter occurs. The chart below outlines the effects.


Player Characters

PCs can aid in the maneuvering of an army in a number of ways.

-PCs that can fly for at least 8 continuous hours in a day,may scout 2 hexes per day independently from the army’s scouts.

-If 40 combined levels of PCs, cohorts and animal companions can be formed, the group may act as a second party of Skirmishers. The PC group is not automatically destroyed by encountering the enemy army. Each member instead take 10d6 damage.

Note: Any PCs that are sent on a mission separate from the main body of the Army, cannot join Battle if it commences in the same turn.

Way more to come…


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